I Should Run for President

While watching the political conventions during the past two weeks, I decided I might be qualified to run for president. It seems that the more deprived one was during childhood and young adulthood, the more qualified is that person to be president.

So, in light of the apparent new requirements for being an eligible candidate, I put forth my credentials for consideration.

  • Born at home in a little Nebraska town
  • Outhouse at the end of a path
  • No running water except when someone ran to the pump to bring it to the house
  • Potbelly stove in the living room for heating
  • Wood-burning cook stove that doubled as the hot water heater
  • Galvanized wash tub for taking a bath
  • Hand-me-down clothes
  • Grade school wardrobe: one Sunday dress, one school dress, one play dress (a too short school dress from previous year), one pair of shoes, long brown stockings
  • Walked to school in the snow (in the interest of integrity - less than a block)
  • Dad grew vegetables in the back yard – Mom canned the veggies for the winter
  • Protein in diet was mostly venison – thanks to Dad’s deer hunting ability

Young Adulthood
  • Student loans non-existent – worked for college tuition
  • Diet during early married years included countless tuna croquettes – consisting of more rice than tuna
  • Having friends over meant serving popcorn and Kool-Aid®
  • First car a pre-owned 1948 rusty Buick (with a hole in the floor board for viewing the pavement below)
  • Food stamps not yet envisioned by lawmakers
  • Going to the doctor meant handing over cash for care – including pre-natal visits
  • Well baby care required taking good care of the children and saving to pay for vaccinations
  • Meals were cooked at home (including such things as fried bologna sandwiches and mix-n-match leftovers soup)
  • Clothes were stitched together on an off-brand portable sewing machine
  • Winter coats purchased at resale shops
  • Used furniture found in newspaper want ads
I love my husband, and I approve this message.

Surely the above information is sufficient to earn your respect and secure your vote!



Flag from Ace-Clipart.com


  1. Your qualifications are not only good enough, you appear to be more ready than some candidates. More ready than some who actually made it into the office.

    1. Secondary Roads, I thought I had replied but I'm learning a new computer and my reply does not show up now. Thanks for your comments. Me as president is a frightening thought. I'm smart enough to know how totally unqualified I would be for that position.

  2. Beautiful! I just grumbled and rolled my eyes at the "log cabin syndrome" manifested at the conventions. You have put it in perspective; and you have my vote.

    1. Vanilla, I'm learning a new computer and my last reply apparently did not post. I'm quite tired of hearing about the "hard" lives people whose parents actually owned homes and had good paying jobs.

  3. Addendum: "If rising from poor beginnings were sufficient, yes, by all means. But you aren't rotten enough to be a candidate," quoth BBBH.

  4. Do you have a valid birth certificate you can show? Ahhhh, you are more qualified than some candidates!!!

    1. Captain Nancy, when we moved here, the state of Colorado would not accept the birth certificate I have had all of my life and refused to grant me a driver's license. Strange, since I got my SS card here and my learner's permit when I was 16. I had to apply to Nebraska for a new birth certificate and drive on my Kansas license for two months. I was asked if I was born overseas and was told it looked like the certificate issued for kids born overseas in the 1930's and 40's that was supposed to be turned in for a birth certificate upon reentering the U.S. A mystery! Maybe another novel plot developing.