Post-Trip Musings

A week-long trip to Illinois and Michigan for the purpose of attending two graduations of family members provided opportunities to add new things to my wondering mind. (Note that I did not write “wandering” though that might be appropriate.)

The first graduation we attended was in Chicago. I enjoy the beautiful city of Chicago but do have to wonder:
  • how one is supposed to know which vehicle is the target of the driver who honks the horn of the big bus.
  • when preparing for the NATO protest march, why the police chose to close the interstate just a couple of minutes from a major exit and, instead, closed it at street exit.
  • why Chicago natives have smiles in their voices during private conversations, but lose those “smiles” when going about life in general.

The very first miles on a new rental car were added on drives around Chicago and from Chicago to Michigan where we attended the second graduation. Things I have to wonder about when I’m in Michigan include:
  • why, after having lived in the open spaces of Colorado, the beautiful green trees along the highway give one the perception of traveling in a tunnel.
  • what it might take for geese to earn equal status with ducks on subdivision lakes.
  • how something considered to be a lovely green plant in Colorado can be destroyed as a weed in Michigan.
  • how interstate drivers know that when they claim a lane, it will be surrendered to them.

While in Chicago, I was privileged to spend Mother’s Day with three of my four children. How special is that? 

I’m very proud of Nancy Beth (Huck) Powers (daughter-in-law) who was awarded a master’s degree in non-profit management at North Park University and Jacob Nathaniel Walker (grandson) who was awarded a bachelor’s degree in mathematics at Calvin College.

I have no intention of stepping on a scale anytime soon to confirm the certain weight gain from the graduation celebrations.

Great week!

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