Liquids and Health

Excessive daily drinking is now touted as the way to prevent disease and “fix” problems. So I’ve been considering that now may be the time for me to launch out on a new path to good mental and physical health, fluid though it may be.

Coffee will make me more mentally alert and increase my ability to concentrate, reduce my risk of heart attack, skin cancer, stroke, and depression, and increase my happiness level. I will drink a minimum of three cups of coffee each day so I can be protected and happy.

Green Tea will hydrate my cells, causing my skin to have a healthy glow. It will also provide my body with antioxidants to fight disease. One tea benefit researcher drinks ten cups per day, but the consensus is that three cups is sufficient in order for me to reap the needed benefits. An additional benefit here is that I can read the tea leaves and, hopefully, add to my happiness level with all of the good news that will provide.

Red Wine will protect my heart, lower my cholesterol, reduce Alzheimer’s risk, and protect my body against cancer. The recommended amount is one serving, which for wine is four ounces. This will remain uncharted territory for teetotaler me.

Milk will help me by preventing osteoporosis and colon cancer, lowering my blood pressure, and protecting me from Type 2 diabetes. Though recommendations are not firm, two to four servings seems to be most often recommended. Cheeses and yogurt can count for milk so, thankfully, “milk” doesn’t need to always be liquid.

Water also gets into the health act. I have always considered water a thirst quencher that I could drink when I felt the need. Not so! Apparently I need water in excessive amounts to hydrate my skin, fend off hunger, cushion and lubricate my joints, regulate  my body temperature, and help me burn fat and build muscle.

I took a water quiz. The results were quite interesting. Based on my weight (my business); living in a high altitude with a dry climate; the amount of exercise I do; the fact that I have no physical problems and take no medications; the fact that I’m not pregnant or breast feeding; and taking into consideration that I will need to add the four ounces of red wine to my daily drinking regimen; I need to swill 12+ cups of water each day.  Minus the four ounces of wine, that can be cut to 11+ cups.

I thought my mental alertness needed some more coffee when I saw the results of the water quiz so I took it a second time. Same results.

Aloe Vera juice, fruit juice, vegetable juice? I don’t even want to go there!

Are these the same researchers who gave mega doses of saccharin to white rats? That is the question.

Image from ratsauce.com


  1. Coming up short here about 10 cups of water; but I'm making up for it in coffee. Don't know what to do about the missing wine and tea, though.

  2. I think this is a health regime sponsored by Charmin!!! You'll get plenty of exercise running to the restroom! And... no long classes!!!

  3. Vanilla, I'd rather have the coffee.

    Captain Nancy, it may very well be that this research is sponsored by C.

  4. Much more of that and we'll all float away in the coffee on the water or whatever . . . :)

  5. Secondary Roads, drinking that much liquid per day might be a full-time job!