Parties and My Diet

It was a great party!  I have a plan that I rehearse repeatedly in my head before I go to a party. “I will avoid seconds, I will avoid seconds, I will avoid seconds.” For the most part psyching myself up brings success. But at this party, the very high calorie drink being served was Iced Coffee Frappé.

I sipped my little punch cupful of the delicious drink for a long period of time. Finally, the cup was empty and I reasoned that just one more cup (the cups were small) would not add significantly to the girth of  the hips. So I headed for the canopied patio and the punch bowl. 

There was only one other occupant of the patio and he was very much enjoying the drink that was showcased with beautiful decorations.  I returned to the other guests and the conversation, empty cup still in hand!

You guessed it!

+ innocent looking 
= sticking to my diet plan.

Recipe for the delicious drink:

Iced Coffee Frappé
Stir together:
¼ cup instant coffee
½ cup chocolate syrup 
¼ cup sugar
1½ cups boiling water

Cover and chill

Before serving:
Pour the coffee mixture into a punch bowl.
Add 2 cups Half & Half
Scoop 1 quart vanilla ice cream on top

Put the cat in a cage!

Images from dreamtime.


  1. I need more cats in my life!!! Is there an ice cream eating cat? You made me laugh outloud!

  2. Captain Nancy, this cat was certainly enjoying the coffee flavored ice cream. I was more concerned about where the paws had been than I was about the little tongue lapping up the drink!

  3. Shouldn't the cat go in the cage before the ingredients go in the bowl? Just asking . . .

  4. Secondary Roads, indeed, the caging of the cat should precede the preparation of the drink.

  5. I was so concerned about your voyage to the far corners of the earth that I missed this post. Glad I came back and caught it. Bwa haha!

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  7. Vanilla, I finally figured out how to post while I'm away. I still check to see if it actually happened :)