I’m Not Getting Old …

I’m sure I’m not.  It’s just that my cell phone has a way of moving, unbidden, to places I would never dream of putting it. 

I was getting ready to leave the house and wanted to be sure I had my cell phone along. So I went to pick it up from the exact spot where I had put it only minutes before. Magically it had moved.

I have a lot of patience – well, at least I’m somewhat patient.  Okay, I’m not patient at all and when my phone is no longer where I remember leaving it, I talk to it and say things like “Okay, where did you go this time?” 

For some reason it’s difficult for me to make the decision to go to my home phone and ring my cell. So I attempted to reconstruct previous movements with regard to my cell phone. I remembered unplugging it.  At least it’s good that I remembered that much.  But beyond unplugging and thinking I laid it on the desk, nothing else was retrieved from memory.

Finally, I gave up and used my land line to dial my cell.

So why was my shoe ringing?

Throughout my childhood I laughed at the idea of goblins. Now I’m not so sure!

 At any rate, I’m trying to catch my goblin in the act of hiding my cell phone - and I just might catch him hiding my glasses.

Goblin from ClipartHeaven.com


  1. "Agent VV, this is 99. Pick up your shoe!"

    I just go straight for the landline.

  2. Funny Verla!
    Vanilla, Perhaps Maxwell Smart was a bit ahead of the times!

  3. Vanilla & Ilene, I always enjoyed watching Maxwell Smart. One of my favorite TV shows from the olden days.

  4. If losing your cell is equivalent with old age, my son should be retired!!!

  5. Captain Nancy, glad to find out it's not a function of old age!