Big Changes

 It’s been a busy time for Hubby and me as we are experiencing some big changes.

Following a three-week furlough, grandson, Ben, went to the U.S. Naval Academy. He has now been discharged from the Marines and has gained the title, Midshipman (officer cadet), at the academy.

Meanwhile, back here in Kansas, his parents were busy with the final days of their jobs, signing over to another family the country home they have enjoyed for many years, packing, overseeing the loading of their possessions, and saying good-bye to family and friends.

I’m pretty sure no one dislikes change more than this writer. My dream was to live in the same house in the same town all of my married life. Unlike my dream, during my almost sixty years of marriage, I have lived in sixteen different spaces located in eight cities within five states. So, I should be accustomed to change and take it in stride. Not so. I am sad to see family move to another state, even if it is only a five-hour drive away. (I guess it could be worse - like Hawaii.)

Proud of the two professors and the Midshipman!

Picture taken at a good-bye party. L-R: Hubby, yours truly, Ben (grandson), Dale (son), Kayce (daughter-in-law).

Proud Grandma and Grandpa with Ben


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