Now You Invite Me

A trip last fall that included airports and planes, a rental car, interstate traffic, and night driving on country roads convinced some old people who reside in the home we own that they need to swear off of difficult trips. Then, last week, the Alumni director for the university where I taught invited Hubby and me to go on a Pioneers Adventure, the alumni association sponsored trip to celebrate the 50th anniversary of that group.

The temptation to be involved in a well-planned adventure with people I know is great. This Colorado trip (my favorite place) includes two nights at historic hotels; two breakfasts; two dinners, a vaudeville and melodrama show, a train ride on the Narrow Gage Railroad from Durango to Silverton and back, and time to sightsee and shop in both towns.
The problem? Durango is over 800 miles from our home – a two-day drive across Kansas plains and on mountain roads. This trip could only happen for us if we had young companions to take care of navigation and driving. So the reality is that we will not be going. Where was this group of the great plans when we were younger?

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    1. Secondary Roads, I guess we just have to admit we are too old to do some things.

  2. Think of it as a courtesy invitation. The outing was planned for those under 70, or perhaps under 50.

    1. Vanilla, under 70 people are probably the ones who should be going. However, I did get a personal face-to-face invitation from the director.