Our Veterans

November 11th is Veteran’s Day. For some businesses it is a day to attract customers with sales. For some schools it is a day off. For all of us it should be a day to honor those who served in the armed forces in the past and to pledge our support to those currently serving.

Grandson, Lance Corporal Benjamin J. Powers, will spend the holidays this year in Okinawa, Japan. We will miss him greatly but admire his willingness to serve his country.

Ben home on leave after graduating from Marine Recruit Training - October 2014

Ben during Mountain Assault Training – June 2015

A shout-out to my great-nephew, Jeffrey Teter, who, thanks to the generosity of the U.S. Navy, lives in a floating hotel in San Diego.

I pray for Ben and for Jeff daily.

Thank you to two wonderful nurses in our family, Joanne Mruzek (daughter), and Kristi Donovan (grand-daughter-in-law), who have chosen to be on the nursing staff at the VA Hospital in Ann Arbor, MI. Veterans deserve to have the best in medical care.

Prayer from militaryfamiliespray.com
“Lord, I pray that you will be our servicemen and women’s refuge and strength, a very present help in any trouble or challenge, and therefore, they will not fear. Jesus, you said, “Be of good cheer! It is I; do not be afraid.” May our troops seek You, know You, and recognize that You are in their very midst. Thank You that we can be confident that You are able to keep what we have committed to You until that Day.” 

Suggested Reading for Children
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  1. Prayers and best wishes for Ben. After six years of service Jeff will assume veteran status this month. I believe he is planning to return to this neck of the woods.

    1. Thanks, Vanilla.

      I'm sure it will be great to have your handsome grandson back home. Wishing him the best as he transitions back into civilian life.