Remind Me

After hearing someone criticized because of the actions of an adult child, I went in search of a poem I read many years ago in a book written by Ruth Bell Graham. This poem, “They Felt Good Eyes Upon Them”, expresses some of the anguish felt by parents of prodigal children.

They Felt Good Eyes Upon Them

They felt good eyes upon them
     and shrank within -- undone;
Good parents have good children,
     and they -- a wandering one.

The good folk never meant
     to act smug or condemn,
But having prodigals
     just "wasn't done" with them.

Remind them gently, Lord,
     how You
Have trouble with Your children,

“Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” (Galatians 6:2 KJV)


  1. Ah, yes. We all, at some time and to some degree, are prodigals. Though it breaks the heart of our Lord, He never stops loving us. And parents sometimes are broken hearted too, but they never stop loving their children. How sad to think that they are criticized.

    1. Mrs. Graham suffered from the criticism they received because of a wandering chid, so she was writing from her heart. People apparently thought a child of Billy Graham should have been born perfect.

      Mrs. Graham, prayed faithfully for his return. Their son is now the leader of a world-wide ministry. Our mother also prayed faithfully for her wandering ones. We are blessed!

  2. We mourn the bitter harm that's done by judgement of "good eyes."

    1. Secondary Roads, it is unfortunate that people feel the need to find someone or something to blame. The words, "judge not" don't seem to have a lot of meaning for them.

  3. Just as the Lord directed His children to the right pathway He nevertheless gave them the will to choose. So it is in training up our children. They have been taught, but as adults the choices are their own. Thanks, Vee.