Fall Storm

Our weather here in Kansas has turned cool and the dark clouds of fall remind us that winter will soon arrive. This sudden change in the weather sent me to my files to find a picture I took of an early fall storm in the Colorado mountains. My favorite pictures always seem to be the dark ones with a lot of contrast.

I know that many people change colors and contrast in an attempt to enhance the pictures they take. In my opinion, the beauty of Colorado cannot be digitally improved.

If I were to find a similar picture in a gallery, I think it might be titled, “Wrath.”


  1. Nice. The picture, I mean. We all are going to need to hunker down!

    1. Vanilla, the predictions are for a hard winter. I'm thankful for a warm home and a grocery store near-by.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Secondary Roads. I don't take very many pictures that I really like, but I do like this one. Our son (who is trained in photography) calls me "the accidental photographer" because I don't know anything about photography but occasionally snap a really nice picture.