This Week in Review

It Is What It Is News: Just when I thought it could not be more hot and humid in Kansas, it got hotter and humider. Yes, humider is a word because I just made it a word. Never mind that my Mac keeps changing my word to “humidor.”

Good News: We were privileged to be there to greet our grandson, Michael Powers, upon his arrival home from his five-week trip to Africa and to hear about his mission activities and four-day safari.

Bad News: We received word that our three-year-old great-grandson, Sawyer Walker, had broken his leg.

Good News: Just as we stood in church to sing the first hymn, Hubby’s cell phone vibrated and there was a message telling us that Greyson Quinn Fuller, our new little great-grandson, had just made his debut in Michigan.

Bad News: We live too far away to see Greyson right away.

Good News: I have pictures and, of course, I’m sharing one here.

Greyson Quinn Fuller
7 lbs. 5 oz.


  1. Empathizing: We have had a string of the humidest days one can imagine.

    Congratulating: On the arrival of the Little Fuller!

    1. Vanilla, wishing today that I lived closer to Michigan.

      I assume you have not as yet had dry enough air to finish the table.

  2. Greyson is a handsome lad. Joy to the entire family.

    1. Thanks, Secondary Roads. Until we can arrange a visit to Michigan, we will have to enjoy him via pictures.