Happy Family Times

This summer and fall, we attended two more weddings of grandchildren. Hubby performed both ceremonies.

In July we traveled to the scenic mountain town of McCall, Idaho.

Payette Lake, McCall, Idaho

In a picturesque setting on the grounds of a charming mountain lodge, grandson, Jesse Walker, was married to Jeni Higgins. Everything was perfect. It was wonderful to see family and friends and to meet Jeni’s lovely family.

Mr. and Mrs. Walker

October found us in Michigan while the beautiful autumn leaves were in full color. Granddaughter, Joanna Walker, and Aaron Rusch were married in a lovely ceremony in the church where Joanna attended until she went off to college. The wedding was picture perfect and, again, we saw family (this trip seeing all five of our great-grandchildren). We had previously met Aaron’s family, but enjoyed being able to celebrate with them.

Mr. and Mrs. Rusch

At the Michigan reception, Hubby and I were honored as the couple that had been married longer than any other couple in attendance. (Another couple had been married only one month less.)

Fifty-seven years and still in love!

I am very blessed!


  1. Very, very blessed. Excellent run for the both of you. Keep running!

    1. Vanilla, I hope our "run" lasts a whole lot longer!

  2. Your family is God's gift to me too!!!

    1. You have a very special place in our family that is "Nancy-shaped." I love it when we can be together.