Only Girls Giggle

I was watching one of our local newscasts on a weekend evening. Weekends are when “wannabes” fill in for our very competent newscasters.

How it started, I have no idea, but three men, the newscaster, the sportscaster, and the weatherman started to giggle. All seemingly lacked any emotional control whatsoever. When the camera changed its focus from the group to the newscaster, he attempted to report on a serious local story. The story was about a man whose wife died in a Catholic hospital while she was seven months pregnant with twins. The man had filed a lawsuit against the hospital for negligence because the medical staff did not attempt to save his sons. The hospital’s defense was (and still is) that a fetus is not legally a person until it is born. Not a story in the midst of which the newscaster should be giggling. 

Finally, gaining some control, the young man continued the story by pointing out the inappropriateness of the hospital’s defense with relationship to the teachings of the Catholic Church. By way of explanation, he informed the listening audience that the Catholic Church believes “life begins at contraception”.

Really?  They all still have their positions at the TV station.


  1. I guess anyone can make a mistake, but some mistakes are egregious. Also, even a weekend news crew should have at least one woman as the designated giggler. Or maybe as the serious newscaster.

    1. Vanilla, we all make mistakes, but most of us don't have a very large audience when that happens.