Lessons From Magazines

Each month I look through hundreds of ads in magazines to which I subscribe. In the process I manage to find a few articles, fashion trends, decorating tips, landscaping ideas, and recipes.

Having subscribed faithfully to some of these magazines for several years, I’ve learned a few valuable lessons. Sharing them here could possibly save someone else the price of a subscription. I’ve learned that:

  • What goes around comes around. Keep the wallpaper. According to the January issue of one magazine, wallpaper again needs to be on walls. This will really “steam” those who still have sore muscles and empty wallets caused by wallpaper removal and the wall painting process.
  • Everyone can be a successful decorator. There is no need to hire a consultant. This I realized after seeing a model room in a magazine that had a vase of fake flowers presented in a wilted state. I can even do that with real flowers. It’s now obvious that any choice I make with relationship to floral arrangements can’t be a bad choice.
  • A one-piece bathing suit is again acceptable beach attire. Great news for those of us who have tired of seeing bare muffin tops.
  • A coat of white paint gives almost everything modern appeal. No need to shop for new stuff. Just slap a little white paint, chosen from one of the many shades of this non-color, on the cabinets, a chest of drawers, or a chair and all will be decorator worthy. (I know, I know – one can argue as to whether or not white is a color.)
  • The lighting fixtures that were dated a short while ago are now “vintage” and “in.” Reminder to self: Save everything.
  • Recipes can be concocted from anything edible. I’ve decided to pass on the sweet potato dumplings, but reading about them reminded me that it’s been a while since I last made my not-so-light, full of bad stuff dumplings. 

The January editions of my magazines are headed for the recycle bin, but the valuable lessons I have learned remain with me. And the few recipes that look interesting are cut out and filed with many other recipes I will probably never use. 

I now look forward to my February periodicals. So goes my very interesting life!

And, you were expecting?

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  1. Each month I skip 99.44% of ads in magazines I might riffle through in the dr's office.

    Probably a good thing, given the time lag between Mrs. Doc's perusal of the mags and the arrival of same in the office.

    1. Vanilla, without the ads there probably would be no magazine. They are wasted on me, but obviously generate business.

  2. It's hard to believe that our old junk is now selling on Ebay for big bucks! Go figure!

    1. Yes, Captain Nancy, "vintage" is definitely "in." What people pay to get some of those things seems ridiculous.