Christmas Spirit

It’s beginning to feel like Christmas is just around the corner.
  • Home decorated
  • Christmas parade
  • Two Christmas dinners
  • Snow (well, sort of, the driveway was covered)

Still there are a lot of things to be accomplished.
  • Baking
  • Candy making
  • More shopping
  • Mailing

I subscribe to several magazines that include a variety of Christmas recipes in their respective December issues. This year, I had to wonder why so many of them include rum or rum flavoring as an ingredient. Since my taste buds do not favor that flavor, I will continue to make my ancient, tried and true recipes: Pecan, pumpkin, and old-fashioned cream pies; chocolate fudge, divinity, and caramels; party mix; and a variety of cookies including: thumbprint, peanut butter blossoms, bakeless chocolate chip, candy canes, and decorated sugar cookies. Since only two family members will be with us this year, my problem is deciding how to cut down. Maybe I will take a vote

Simpich Carolers on my piano. I’m sure they are singing my favorite carols.


  1. I did peanut butter blossoms today. I'm done.

    1. Vanilla - Yum! What is you better half making?

  2. Suggestion... make and mail those treats!!! There is nothing better than your Christmas treats! Shall we talk about your fruit cake??? Okay, I'm craving your baking!!!

    1. A fruit cake would have been the only goody to survive the mail well and I did not make that. I gave cookie platters to three of our neighbors and we still have way too many left at our house. Wish you were here!