Because It’s Home

When disaster strikes an area, people often ask those who live there, “Why do you stay?”

During the past week, I have seen Colorado Springs television crews filming residents as they sifted through the ashes and rubble of their burned-out homes in an attempt to find something that might have survived the disaster of the Waldo Canyon fire. One lady cried as her husband hugged her after she found the bracelet he gave to her for their twentieth wedding anniversary. This charred memento is now a precious treasure to them.

Each resident returning to a burned-out home in the Mountain Shadows subdivision was searching for something, anything that might be recognizable, but, when questioned, they all stated that they would rebuild in the exact same place. Why? I think the answer is, “Because it is home.”

The beauty we experience here in Colorado Springs is illustrated in the pictures below. (Just a sampling of the hundreds of pictures I’ve taken during our seven years here.)

Pikes Peak from our South Deck

Hummingbird Visits Feeder on Deck

Alert Buck beside Neighbor's Condo

Rainbow over the Mountains

Beautiful January Snowfall

Front Yard Tree in Autumn


  1. Someone already said it. "Home is where the heart is."

    Great display of Colorado's loveliness.

    1. Vanilla, that is true. Sometimes home is where we need to be when age tells us to be closer to family. Sigh!