Sunday Dinner

On Sundays Hubby and I find a place to eat dinner after we attend church. Sunday is my day for not cooking. I’m sure there is something in the Bible that supports the need for a break from the kitchen, but I've yet to locate it. When I find it, I think the wording will go something like: “No woman shall be required to labor in the kitchen for the purpose of preparing Sunday dinner.” 

When we enter restaurants on Sundays, we are often the only ones dressed up in what we view as “Sunday-go-to-meeting duds.” Our town is a town of casual dress, and sometimes I have to wonder what others might be thinking about us. But I don’t wonder enough to wear my jeans and sweatshirt to worship service.

A couple of Sundays ago we decided to go Italian and went to a favorite place that serves up great Italian dishes along with delicious salads and bread. The wait was not long, mainly because we never manage to beat the Presbyterians, or any other group of believers, to the restaurant. By the time we have choir practice and various other after church activities and meetings, the rest of the city’s believers are home taking siestas.

On this particular Sunday there was a table waiting for us and, as the hostess led us to our places, a young lady who was waiting tables stopped in front of my husband, smiled broadly, and commented, “I love your beautiful suit and tie.” 

This out of the blue compliment could be interpreted in one of several ways:
  • Hubby really looks nice in comparison to the other male diners.
  • Hubby looks so out of place in his suit and tie that he caused this shocked reaction.
  • Hubby’s outfit is the first of this type of clothing the young lady has ever seen.
  • Hubby has been mistaken for someone famous who actually wears suits when dressed up – maybe Jay Leno.
  • Hubby looks really great in contrast to the frumpy clothes his wife is wearing.

I’m actually going for the last interpretation.  I think I feel a shopping trip coming on.


  1. And the correct interpretation is, Hubby has a spouse who does a fantastic job of selecting his wardrobe for him. I know this for a fact.

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  3. Vanilla is, no doubt, correct. Nevertheless, you should interpret it in the way that pleases you most.

  4. Vanilla, your interpretation does not allow a shopping trip for me.

  5. Secondary Roads, I interpret it to mean that a shopping trip is much needed.