Haunted by the Past

It was an embarrassing moment!  I was vacationing in Colorado and decided to visit one of the places where our church teen group went to ice skate. As I walked around the lake on that beautiful summer day, I paused before a bench on which hand carved (aka graffiti) names and initials covered both the seat and back. In the middle of the seat, the deepest and largest carving had the full name of a young man in our youth group, a plus sign in the middle, and my full name carved below.

People who have common names can get by with putting their names out there. Years after the fact no one would have any idea which of the thousands of girls named Susie Smith might be referenced. But not only did my uncommon name stand out as one-of-a-kind, the name of the young man was also of the one-of-a-kind variety. I did not know about it when it was carved, but when I saw it that day, I had no doubt that it referenced me.

This past week I returned to that lake with visiting family, including a grandson who is a teen.  There are still benches by the lake. How grateful I am that they have all been refinished or replaced and that visitors to this little mountain community apparently now have some class. No names were carved on the wooden benches!

The Lake at Green Mountain Falls
The gazebo and bridge have been added since we skated there more than fifty years ago. The gazebo is used often for weddings.  The falls at the end of the lake are now blocked by a grate and the water goes under the road and flows to the creek. Still a cool place!

Geese and ducks swim on the lake and fishing is allowed. The limit is four fish per day, so in order to catch enough for dinner the whole family needs to fish – and be successful.
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  1. Swans, too, eh?

    I bet when you saw that carving you heard your mom's voice saying,
    "Fools' names and monkeys' faces are often seen in public places."

  2. Vanilla, I did feel guilty and even heard the voice, though it was not my handy work.

    Our group could not decide what the strange looking floater on the lake might be and finally agreed it must be a mutant goose. If it is a swan, it has not as yet morphed to the beautiful stage :)

  3. Am I the only one that thinks the bench was really romantic! Young love, even if a secret is so special! It marked a time in your life that will never come again!!!

    I'm buying your husband a knife for Christmas!!!!

  4. Captain Nancy, there are now big fines for defacing things in the parks. Hubby isn't a big romantic anyway!