Monday, September 15, 2014

Who Knew?

Last week I wrote about unusual things I've seen while on trips and stated that while traveling I love discovering unusual things. That didn’t happen on our Colorado trip last week, but I did bring something home that, to me, is different.

Who knew that some people make their own vanilla extract? Maybe I was the only unaware person on our planet but, while in Colorado, I discovered that there are people who do this.

While spending an evening at the home of friends, we learned about making vanilla extract. Then, at the end of our visit, they presented us with a bottle of their homemade brew. I can hardly wait to try it in one of my recipes.
Thank you, friends of many talents!

Vanilla Extract made by Rich and Charlene Lewis

Sunday, September 7, 2014

More Traveling

This week will find us on the road again. This time we will be in Colorado. Of course, I’m always excited to go back to where I grew up. I enjoy the mountains and beautiful weather.

During our many travels, we have run across a lot of interesting things. Some of them are even quite unusual.

This 24' X 30' Van Gough reproduction is displayed on an 80' easel in Goodland, Kansas. It can be seen from Interstate 70.

The steeples of the beautiful Cathedral of the Plains can also be seen from Interstate 70. Going into the little town of Victoria, Kansas, to tour this cathedral is time well spent.

Arriving in Grand Junction, Colorado, where we had hotel reservations for the Palisade Peach Festival,  Hubby and I were surprised to see Air Force One parked at the airport. We saw the President’s motorcade headed back to the airport, but the peach festivities were cut short for us because of our car being confined to the hotel parking.

While shopping and sight-seeing in downtown Chicago, I spotted “American Gothic” in the form of two sculptures.

I love discovering unusual things. Even though I have resided for twenty-two years in Colorado, maybe this week will I will run across something I have not seen in the past. Hope so!